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Andrew Hook

Japanese school children grow giant frogs, a superhero grapples with her secret identity, onions foretell global disasters and an undercover agent is ambivalent as to which side he works for and why. Relationships form and crumble with the slightest of nudges. World catastrophe is imminent; alien invasion blase. These twenty slipstream stories from acclaimed author Andrew Hook examine identity and our fragile existence, skid skewed realities and scratch the surface of our world, revealing another--not altogether dissimilar--layer beneath.

Nitrospective is Andrew Hook's fourth collection of short fiction.


The Onion Code
Follow Me
The Strangeness In Me
Bigger Than The Beetles
The Glass Football
Red or White
Shipping Tomorrow Backwards
Chasing Waterfalls
Lauren Is Unreal
Outer Spaces
Love Is The Drug
The Cruekus Effect
Pansy Blade Cassandra Moko
Caravan of Souls
Snap Shot

RRP: £12.99 ($22.95).

Acclaim for the Author

"Andrew Hook is a wonderfully original writer" - Graham Joyce

"His stories range from the darkly apocalyptic to the hopefully visionary, some brilliant and none less than satisfactory" - The Harrow

"Refreshingly original, uncompromisingly provocative, and daringly intelligent" - The Future Fire

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